Crafting Solutions is Not Just our Job, it’s Part of our Personality

Focusteck helps start-up and established companies looking to agitate their industry while making a positive social impact through technology.

We have successfully delivered amazing cloud based applications, bespoke web applications, ERP, mobile apps, and mobility solutions for our clients, including Qantas, EUM Consultants, Rosco and many more.


We ’re a team of IT fanatics and problem solvers. Our group is made up of experienced back-end and front-end programmers, designers, skilled strategists and veteran entrepreneurs. We’re here to support you and your company by applying our superior skill set alongside the smartest trends in software development technology and user experience.


6 Years

Founded in 2011,  at present we are the fastest growing technology company in our region. A yearly growth of 200% in our workforce and over 100% in total revenue. Offices in Pakistan and the United States.

50 + Technologists

Started with 1 employee company in 2011, became 50+ company 4 years later. We call our teams “technologists” for their versatile technical logic and their ability think out of the box to create amazing solutions.

Industry Experience

We are one of the few companies who provides initial maximum consultation to companies and teach them about challenges of initiating parallel processes to introduce technology in business. We also help entrepreneurs create exceptional products in the light of their ideas. This has led us to be experts in understanding and addressing pain areas for large enterprises, established businesses, and peeling the onion in a start-up environment. In a quick sprint of couple of years, Standing in the market of technology Focusteck has helped various industries and work with them for end-to-end systems.

Award Winning

Payoneer Entrepreneur Conference Islamabad 2015 Focusteck has developed revolutionizing product for restaurant and hotel industry. Muhammad Adil Ali, CEO Focusteck called out young and talented Entrepreneur of Pakistan. www.reztro.com TED 2013 We have been awarded multiple times in last two years to work on exceptional ideas with entrepreneurs. We were honored to win Most Helpful Consultant and Vendor through TED 2013.



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