Enable Higher Learning with End-to-End Identity Management

Ask what technology can do for education, and a ‘never-before-possible’ future unfolds for students, educators, and management alike


Let’s Discuss

Higher Education institutes are under cumulative pressure! Education facilities are facing huge reductions in grants while staff, students, lecturers and other stakeholders are dealing with increasing demands on their time.

There are several support functions that need to be implemented in order to move forward successfully while maintaining quality education as the focus of your campus. Students today are smarter with technology than we care to admit. They expect thee progress of their institution to evolve at the same pace as the environment they grew up and now live in. Focusteck helps higher education leaders in growth with their IT infrastructure and implement techniques to replace traditional instructional and operational practices.

Be Strategic About Your Institution

From the process of hiring qualified/enthusiastic staff & faculty members, to attracting & retaining high quality students, to closely monitoring efficient functioning of various high stake processes – the higher education institutes need to apply an ‘all-inclusive’ approach in automating their operations. Focusteck helps educational institutions deploy end-to-end solutions that address all of problems faced by institutions at all scales. Lets discuss further to know which service helps your institution.

Strategic Consultancy – Expert Services

Our consultancy team will help you do a gap analysis and viability assessment, and build out solutions for most, if not all, of the challenges faced by the education institution.

  • Business Process Consulting
  • Improving Student-Facing Web Applications
  • Project Management & Audits
  • Architectural Review
  • Security Audits
  • Post Implementation Review

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Focusteck can help you implement Oracle Suite applications that will connect your entire community while improving your internal operations, meeting the demands of staff, students and faculty. Our consultants can give you a quick demo.

Mobile Education

Students more and more are demanding accessible mobile experiences. Experts at Focusteck focus on advising education leaders on their near and long term mobility strategy, while seamlessly integrating mobile technologies with their already existing IT infrastructure. Visit our advisory services of mobility.

Portal & Content Management

Portal and Content Management Services with Focusteck help institutions build and manage their digital campus. Building a digital campus improves service delivery and provide a consistent and personalized education experience. Check more detail.

Middleware & Technical Services

At Focusteck we provide complimentary middleware solutions and take care of the upgrading process to help you mitigate risks and improve efficiency. See our solutions.