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Our digital experience, deep domain expertise and collaborative approach have enabled us to work with our clients in highly complex areas such as music royalties. Today, we help our clients deliver results in three key areas:


Whether it’s by creating new business models, coming up with new services, or developing a cost-efficient, smooth-running infrastructure, Focusteck works hard to ensure each part of our music technology strategy is innovative and creative, offering fast results in today’s highly unpredictable market.

Business Transformation

Changing business infrastructures, constant industry updates and new technology require entertainment businesses models to keep up. Focusteck offers experienced-based consultation that will help you create an flexible infrastructure that can adapt quickly. We at Focusteck use our industry-leading experience in ERP to realize your incredible business value.

Smooth Operations

Focusteck believes in investing our time and money in the best technology products and platforms to smooth-line our client’s operations. We then build on these investments to create effective and cheaper solutions for our clients’ internal communication and project management structure. Working with leading ERP vendors has helped us transform our clients’ operations across multiple technology platforms. Pick your Technology or Solution

Broadcasting Entertainment

Thanks to our experience working in music and media, Focusteck consultants understand the unique needs of this industry. Leveraging our knowledge  in technology and sourcing, we help clients define the best devices and tools to meet today’s consumer demand for multi-platform experiences.

Working with Focusteck gives you access to all of our tools and solutions. We’ll identify which will best improve your user engagement while making your business benefits visible to your stakeholders. Our industry-specific solutions include:



Our strengths are consulting, digital strategy and vendor sourcing. We help clients figure out what tools provide the precise solutions to their needs, taking advantage of the expertise from our strategic technology partners to ensure quick, effective delivery.


Our solutions and services include: