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Agreed, the worst of the economic slowdown is over, but companies are still grappling with reduced demand and ever-increasing fuel prices.

Uncertainty is certain. But when complexity increases so do insight and action. Third-party logistics (3PL), port-based logistics and special services are increasing.  General logistics service providers (LSP) are focusing on their business model and are willing to fill the gap caused by the carbon, and organic growth cut.

The needs and the demands of tomorrow’s global strategies has started to grow its stem and leaflets. 3PL players move effectively meanwhile monitoring the potential to maximize the client’s brand, and share risk. Many companies sold-out their shares during industry crisis. When the economy is healthy and there is potential, capacity could be an issue. Is there a fleet of sufficient strength to hit the road?

Emerging Markets

Considering that 80% of the world’s population is using mobile phones, there is a truckload of potential business for new areas internationally. However, trying to be in the right place at the right time for large amounts of cargo can create network infrastructure problems. Companies need to re-engineer business processes to keep up, and technology platforms are required.

A Hyper-Competitive Landscape

The allowed margin of error is narrow, and clients’ fidelity change. Understanding the inside out can help you to stay ahead. Playing your strengths against your opponent’s weaknesses can be a challenge, but is essential to win. Business Intelligence and mobility systems and solutions, enhanced by a strategic road marketing plan, make your decisions more mature and can help front-line operations.

Focusteck Delivers Business Value

We solve complex business challenges and produce results in the three key areas to unlock this value by helping to consult, innovate and create efficient operations to accelerate the transformation of the business: technology, innovation and operations.
Focusteck combines our expertise under one hub. This helps clients deliver there specifications, but also adds value at every step of the way.  Whether it’s effective knowledge management application delivery, improving visibility, or re-engineering their business applications, we help our customers across the spectrum of logistics and transportation create solutions for different needs and services. We measure the business value of these three areas to help:

Business Transformation

Focusteck serves as a trusted transformation partner in large and complex programs like package implementation and infrastructure modernization. We deploy domain assets to lead the way, process and program accelerators to fast track the engagement, and business-value-focused methodologies to make business benefits visible to multiple stakeholders.

Accelerating Innovation

Focusteck provides significant value through innovation. We deliver solutions in emerging areas such as asset optimization and mobility, helping enterprises improve visibility and reduce costs.

Efficient Operations

We improve core operations, efficiency in transportation and logistics organizations through maintenance of IT applications, and minimize inefficiencies with the implementation of process improvement solutions.