Operational Excellence in Manufacturing

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New needs to stay competitive and mobile are putting new challenges to industrial manufacturers. Manufacturers must update their operations to keep up.

Manufacturers often struggle to find new customers and improve their internal operations while at the same time juggling with cheaper competitors and fluctuating commodity prices. Focusteck works with technology leaders and manufacturers to help them refine their sustainability efforts. We also work with you to manage your own superset of suppliers, partners and customers. We develop solutions and provide consultancy to businesses.

Operational Excellence

Improve visibility of channel activities, better understanding of your customer base, and implement the latest technology standards to attain a lean manufacturing process. Focusteck helps you optimize day-to-day operation with your end user in mind. We enhance your company’s collaboration, provide greater visibility, and improve communication with employees in the field and back to the main office.

Data Management

It’s difficult to gage and manage your company’s risk when your information isn’t completely trustworthy. Analysts need to predict the needs of their core business processes using available, legible data. Focusteck can give you real time access to business metrics and provide your employees with the information they need to manage assets and processes efficiently. Let’s discuss and we can tell you how?

eCatalogue & Portfolio Management

Manufacturers need to expand their digital portfolio if they want to compete in today’s emerging markets. A large digital presence opens up new opportunities and reduces time to market while delivering consistent customer experiences. Focusteck will help set up your online presence and digital catalogs, helping you reach new customers and improve sales. Pick your management solution.

Mobile Manufacturing

Mobility allows manufacturing companies to bring down operational costs while adding value to their customer and employee experience. At Focusteck, we design and develop mobile sites and applications that optimize operations, such as enabling real time tracking of organizational activities.    Learn more about our mobile app development expertise.