Quality Engineering

Absolutely avert the appearance of errors and lessen the level of their negative effect


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Decisions are made on the basis of our adopted knowledge of the software, hardware and environment and can be just as flawed as the decision a programmer makes. Test against them!


Solving a problem which proceeds by trial and error is somehow difficult. Here Quality Engineering is used to define usability engineering problems to be attempted by the end-user.

Software Testing Life Cycle

The trend in software industry is taking us towards making each of it’s process to be quality oriented. Product Lifecycle in IT industry indicates a complete road map  from developing a entity to its testing. The likelihood of the problem occurring and the impact of the problem when it does occur, both of these areas should receive more attention and more testing. Our follow-ups include Testing lifecycle and all of it’s phases. On this path another axis will be the input and all the possible risks will be eliminated.

Ensuring Quality

The emphasis is on testing or evaluation to ensure that what has been developed meets requirements and is solid, stable and bug free! Our focus is on ‘design tasks’ and the emphasis is on making design decisions and prototypes more specific to the resultant. As the process progresses tasks shift to Team-leads where the bulk of the regression testing is done. Each iteration,here at Focusteck,is individually analyzed, tested and then bolted together to form the overall product.

Test Automation

Testing is the only tool in a development’s arsenal which reduces defects. Things don’t let themselves work in automated manner, some of the systems alterations are too rapid for automation, some tests has benefit from partial automation – you need to be selective about what you automate to reap the benefits. Automating our testing processes is treated like a software project in its own right, Focusteck Quality Team designs a solution for testing and that solution must be validated against an external reference.