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The balance of control has changed. Thanks to mobile technology and social media, customers are now well connected and taking charge of retail.

Customers now expect involved and consistent experiences whenever they shop. Digital in-store and web applications that make use of personalized content, analytics, and cloud technologies are becoming the strength of most retailers’ competitive strategy. Focusteck designs and builds solutions that help retailers accomplish a smart mobile strategy and deliver a cool customer experience.

  • Deliver mobility in your retail business
  • Modernize operations and optimize workflows
  • Deliver engaging customer experiences
  • Implement smart payment solutions
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Bringing Mobility to Retail

Mobilizing allows you to appeal to new customers while increasing overall employee collaboration.
The future of retail transactions involve mobile payments and retail services on all mobile devices. This truly enables real time purchase decision making, and inspires your workforce; all while significantly improving customer experience.
See how our mobility services help you determine, outline and bring a mobile strategy for the effective deployment of mobility initiatives in your retail enterprise.

Improve Workflows

Retailers need to look for ways to improve performance and overall working efficacy of their floor and back of house operations. Focusteck helps companies increase the efficiency of your day-to-day procedures using today’s advanced and highly secure tools and technologies.

Deliver Fun Consumer Experiences

Today retailers struggle to connect with demanding customers. To maintain a customer’s attention technology needs to be simple but also incredibly up to date. Focusteck designers and developers help retailers provide customers with a unified experience through bespoke applications. We have helped retailers build desktop and mobile based buying guides that make consumers happy. Take a look how our content management and user experience studio services introduce a managed way of handling your business.

Use Smart & Secure Payment Solutions

Secure and sophisticated mobile payment solutions are more and more being considered a vital part of a customers experience.
Focusteck provides retailers with mobile, credit and debit card processing capabilities and helps them expedite checkout services.lets discuss in detail that how secure and smart payment solution is effecting your retail business.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

With Microsoft Dynamics, Focusteck can help you secure your competitive success by bringing your applications and frameworks under one easy to use program.