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Enterprise Mobility

About 80% of the world’s population now uses mobile devices. Rapid proliferation of mobile technology driven by the explosion in new types of devices truly is empowering people and redefining the way companies do business. With our expertise in mobile solutions, we review the entire mobile ecosystem for our clients, from delivering mobile applications’ interactive experience to the management & development of a strategic roadmap, only to define all the areas of your needs and cover-up them. Click here for more information on our approach to mobility.

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  •  A uniquely different customer experience
  •  Effective and innovative operations to modernize workflow management
  •  Real-time support tools for provision of personalized content
  •  Mobility solutions for advanced multi-level marketing



Bespoke software systems that Focusteck has developed:

  • Taxi Cab System
  • Survey System
  • Postcode System


Bespoke Web Solution

The popularity of ASP.Net web sites is worthy in web services development and dynamic applications. Focusteck brings improvements in the ASP.Net language to prioritize each new release so that our software development team is always up with all that is important, to make sure we are running with the pace of technological advancement. Our development team leverage bespoke ASP.Net MVC web applications.

Your privacy and security is our foremost responsibility. In order to ensure that all data and web applications are safeguarded from hackers’ exploitation Focusteck invests team’s bespoke development knowledge. (e.g injection attacks and cross-site scripting attacks).

Content Management & Delivery

All of the aspects of the business management need to be powerful with maximum performance; this is what every enterprise is striving for. The content management system and efficiently secure exchange of information across companies through strengthened processes is the need of hour.

Using cutting edge of the framework, Focusteck helps enterprise companies centrally manage all of their content; it may be some sort of mobile or web application. We have various channels; all of them are safety-lead, intuitive and simple.



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Want to reduce costs? Have you ever observed corporate information integrated with IT infrastructure in a holistic perspective? ERP platform is your answer! Fast and easy access to real-time data capture, provide a clear view of the distribution business and business intelligence, speed and agility, get to analyze work. Focusteck, together with its partners, support enterprises by helping them with their routine business demands of continuance as a powerful enterprise concentrates on ERP solutions.

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  • Microsoft dynamics