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UI Engineering

We at Focusteck, are passionate about the customer experience and never settle for second best. We are focused on quality and keen towards detail, possess the understanding ability to uniquely solve even undocumented software problems. Building interfaces using HTML, CSS, JSP, XML and other technologies our UI engineers develop prototype work close to the specifications and it’s effective among customers.

Keynotes which we have selected for our UI design

Usability: Does it enable the user to complete tasks?
Aesthetics: What is the nature of software, does it appear to be meaningful about its nature and components?
Performance: Does the application crash or is it a reliable application when we consider processing?



Design and implement interactive visuals while delivering service functionality. Each phase of design and implementation of components follows the delicacy paradigm. This visual story board approach make us work with in the same space so evaluation and services engagement is judged.

User Experience

Gathering user attention is on the top when we are creating a user experience checklist. Designs are the pixels arranged in a systematical order just to portray the features. Focusteck has the expertise, with over 200 product development specialists we follow the approach to engage users in the attractive illustrations and delightful Photoshoping.

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